Our Building Process

How Tridome Structures creates better buildings faster.

Our not-so-secret process for shorter schedules, greater cost-savings and happier clients.

Tridome Structures makes getting a custom building that perfectly fits your needs effortless. 

Our process is incredibly straightforward. Our design-build methodology allows us to achieve greater cost-efficiencies and give our clients unparalleled accountability on scheduling and budget. Ultimately, it allows us to complete your project faster than other building companies.

Standard and Custome Design pages

1. Standard Design Package

For clients that don’t need a custom design, Tridome Structures offers several standard design packages. If your building needs are simple and efficiency is your top priority, a standard design package is for you.

Our process for standard packages is incredibly simple.


  • Check out our standard designs and choose one that suits your needs
  • One of our design specialists can help ensure you make an informed decision that will perfectly match your needs
  • Once you choose your design, we’ll work with our independent engineering partners to make sure that the site-specific factors of your building are in check. We do this to ensure that your building is safe, strong and will be standing for generations to come


  • Our quotes are completely transparent. When you get our bill, you’ll never be surprised
  • All our quotes include materials, equipment, labour and shipping


  • Our sales representatives will work with you to make sure you have everything you need to acquire a building permit.
  • Once you make your deposit, we’ll secure dates for installation.

2. Custom Design Package

For clients that require custom designs, our process is simple and efficient.

Consultation Phase

  • We’ll have a consultation with you to understand your needs
  • We’ll work with you to go through initial design ideas

Design Phase

  • We’ll conduct site-visits to understand site-specific considerations
  • We’ll also use Zoom/ Google Earth technology to learn more about the project and reduce the need for site visits
  • We’ll then use the information we gathered to create a final design and site-specific renderings
  • We’ll accommodate any specific requirements in our design such as lighting, fire suppression systems, HVAC, and hanging loads
  • We’ll create budgeting and a written scope of work
  • We’ll give you transparent cost estimates for any materials, trades and labour

Engineering Phase

  • We’ll create all certified architectural and structural plans
  • We’ll guide you through the permitting process step by step, making sure you are supported every step of the way
  • We’ll make any alterations necessary to achieve permit approval with your municipality and adhere to your local bylaws
  • We’ll finalize the scope of work, making sure that any alterations due to permitting have been made


  • We’ll finalize the quote for the project, collect the deposit and sign the contract.
  • Once the manufacturing is complete, the materials are shipped to your job site.


Construction Phase

  • We’ll install your custom building, handling all the coordination with trades and ensuring we stick to schedule
  • We’ll ensure that a safe jobsite is maintained and that your building is constructed with integrity in every inch
  • We’ll ensure the quality of your building through rigorous inspection and documentation
  • Once the building is finished, we’ll give you a written copy of your 15 year warranty

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