Equestrian industry Building

Climate controlled and naturally lit equine buildings for healthier, happier horses.

You need climate controlled and sunlit structures with plenty of room for riding. You need a building with space to meet regulations, that can be easily installed in remote locations and can expand to adapt to your needs. Tridome Structures creates tension fabric and free span steel buildings that serve those needs and are completely customizable.

Superior Ventilation & Climate Control for Comfortable Riding Conditions

Healthy animals require a well-ventilated space that’s protected from the elements and free of distractions. Tridome buildings ensure naturally lit and ventilated stables and riding facilities with plenty of space.

Our buildings are completely climate controlled creating a more energy-efficient facility that can be air-conditioned or heated keeping your horses cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our buildings also offer fabrics and windows that allow daylight to pour through, giving animals and riders an uplifting environment and vitamin D. Not only does this benefit animal’s health wellbeing, but it significantly saves energy costs.

Customizable & Expandable Buildings

Both our free-span steel structure and tension fabric buildings are ideal for housing, riding and grooming areas as well as equipment storage. Our free-span structures provide plenty of space for wash bays, tack rooms and stables. Our buildings can be completely customized to fit any need, even to accommodate spectator seats for rodeos.

Our free span buildings can accommodate alternative claddings to support stalls or specialized equipment. Tridome’s buildings are engineered to be site-specific and can use a variety of foundations. Whatever your needs, Tridome buildings have you covered.


Durable and Corrosion Resistant

A stable or riding area should be built to last for generations. The steel we use to create all of our buildings is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to prevent corrosion. Our buildings also use open web trusses that won’t bend or buckle. Our steel structures offer clients an unparalleled peace of mind, providing a safe, inspiring, comfortable environment 365 days of the year.

Rapid and Remote Installation

Tridome Structures offers rapid installation to reduce labor costs and offer quicker solutions for riding facilities and stables. In fact, our buildings can be built nearly three times faster than conventional stable methods. Tridome Structures also offers installation to remote locations. Wherever you are, our buildings can meet your needs.

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