Insulated buildings - Garage-kits

Beautiful garage-kits that protect your prized possessions in style.

Unnecessary exposure to weather and the elements can shorten the lifespan and value of your automobiles, commercial equipment, and weekend toys. Tridome custom garage kits offer long-lasting and climate-controlled protection for your collectibles, cars and tools. 

Customizable & Expandable

When investing in a garage, you never want to find yourself in the situation where you have run out of storage space. The trouble is, you might not know what the future holds. That’s why Tridome buildings feature modifiable walls that make additions and expansions fast and easy. Our garage kits can also be individually customized to match your specific storage and workshop needs—no matter how ambitious. 

Climate Controlled & Disaster-Proof

Unlike wooden structures, steel-framed buildings are fire-resistant and aren’t susceptible to mold or pest infestation. Our superior internal climate control protects your prized possessions from excess moisture.

Since the integrity of a steel garage is virtually unshakable, Tridome Buildings are better able to withstand extreme weather and acts of God than traditional structures. Not only does this ensure your valuables are protected, it means that insurance costs are also reduced. 

Corrosion  Proof Steel and Superior Strength

Tridome Structures only uses hot-galvanized steel. Unlike other builders, Tridome’s steel is hot-galvanized inside and out to completely prevent corrosion. As a result, our steel will never break or buckle from the inside. Tridome Structures specifically uses third-party engineering partners to ensure that our buildings are structurally sound and will be standing for generations. Tridome Structures absorbs these costs, and does not pass them on to our customers. Unlike other companies that use in-house engineers with conflicts of interest, we place structural integrity above profits.

Rapid & Remote Installation

Don’t wait months for usable space. There is nothing worse than having your valuable investments exposed to the elements. Tridome Garage Kits can be assembled within a fraction of the time of a traditional garage—no matter the size. Our steel-framed kits are also lightweight and can be easily shipped for on-site assembly in remote locations.


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