Mining industry

The only mining buildings that are built fast and built to last.

In mining, your buildings need to withstand harsh conditions. You need a reliable building to keep your employees and critical assets safe. You need a building that is versatile, can be easily installed in remote locations and can expand with your growing operation. Tridome Structures creates tension fabric and free span steel buildings that serve those needs and are completely customizable.

Customizable & Expandable Buildings

Our buildings can be built with industrial doors, alternative claddings and to support specialized equipment—including hanging equipment. Tridome’s buildings are engineered to be site-specific and can use a variety of foundations.

With easily modifiable walls Tridome buildings can be easily expanded to accommodate your growing business. Tridome buildings can even be relocated to new sites if your operation ever moves. Whatever your needs, Tridome buildings have you covered.

Durable and Corrosion Resistant

The steel we use to create all of our buildings is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to prevent corrosion. Our buildings also use open web trusses that won’t ever bend or buckle.

Furthermore, our tension fabric buildings use flame retardant fabric and can withstand corrosive environments. Our fabric liners further prevent oxidation.

Superior Ventilation & Climate Control

With mining buildings, ventilation is always a major concern. Tridome buildings ensure the safety of employees by offering superior ventilation while still remaining air tight.
Our buildings could be climate controlled if required, to create a more energy-efficient, moisture-controlled facility that can be air conditioned or heated.


Employee Safety & Reduced Costs

Both our free-span steel structure and tension fabric buildings support life safety and fire suppressions systems. We can also add lightning suppression as needed for added peace of mind. Our buildings help keep your employees and assets so safe that our clients often receive reduced insurance costs.

Rapid and Remote Installation

Tridome Structures understands that time is incredibly valuable for any mining company. That is why Tridome Structures offers rapid installation to reduce labor costs and offer you a quicker return on your investment. Tridome Structures also offers installation to remote locations. Wherever you are, our buildings can protect your employees and critical assets.

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