Salt and sand storage buildings

Corrosion-resistant buildings – built fast and built to last.



Your buildings need to withstand the wear and tear of storing salt and sand.You need space for your equipment and vehicles to maneuver. You need a building that can be easily installed and can expand as your needs expand. Tridome Structures creates tension fabric and free span steel buildings that serve those needs and are completely customizable.

Durable and Corrosion Resistant

The steel we use to create all of our buildings is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out, ensuring that our damage-resistant buildings won’t ever rust or corrode. Even if you’re storing salt, Tridome Structures can offer an additional specialized coating to ensure that your building will remain strong and durable for decades to come.

Our tension fabric buildings use open web trusses that offer superior load-bearing support while remaining lightweight. Unlike other builders that use continuous web or bent web designs, a Tridome building will never bend or buckle. That’s because our open web truss designs ensure that all of our steel is evenly treated at critical connection points.

Furthermore, our tension fabric buildings use flame retardant fabric.  We can also include fabric liners to further prevent oxidation.

Tridome Buildings are so secure that we offer the peace of mind of a 15-year warranty.

Customizable & Expandable

Our buildings can be built with industrial doors, alternative claddings and to support specialized equipment. Tridome Buildings offer a clear-span interior with no interior columns. This means that your trucks can easily maneuver inside our buildings. 

Tridome’s buildings are engineered to be site-specific and can use a variety of foundations. We can even add a specialized coating to seal cracks for additional moisture protection. Keeping your commodities safe is our guiding principle.

With easily modifiable walls Tridome buildings can be expanded to accommodate your growing business. Tridome buildings ca n even be relocated to new sites to make your investment last throughout the lifetime of your business. Whatever your needs, Tridome buildings have you covered.


Superior Ventilation & Climate Control

Our buildings can be also completely climate-controlled creating a more energy-efficient, moisture-controlled facility.  Tridome buildings are specifically designed to ensure a dry environment to store your salt or sand and ensure it’s ready for use all the time.

Tridome buildings ensure the safety of employees and ideal conditions for storage by offering superior ventilation. Our buildings accomplish this, while still remaining air-tight ensuring that your facility is protected from rain and moisture 24/7.  

Rapid Installation

Tridome Structures offers rapid installation to reduce labor costs and ensure that you can quickly address your needs. We understand that when it comes to growing a business, time is the most valuable asset we have. Our buildings can be installed within a few days to ensure your operation is uninterrupted.  Unlike other companies, Tridome Structures offers installation to remote locations. Wherever you are, our buildings can help you keep your critical assets and employees safe and sheltered from the elements.

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