Steel structure Storage

Storage buildings for superior protection – built fast and built to last 

Your business depends on keeping your critical assets safe. You need a building that will protect your property from weather, UV light, pests and eliminate moisture. You need a building that can be quickly expanded and grow with your operation. You need a building that can be customized to suit your exact needs. Tridome Structures creates tension fabric and free span steel buildings that serve those needs and are built to last.

Customizable & Expandable

Our free-span buildings maximize usable space, making it easy to maneuver inside them with industrial trucks and forklifts. Our buildings can also include skylights and windows for superior daylighting or tension fabric coverings to disperse light evenly throughout the space. Both our tension fabric and steel buildings can be built with industrial doors, making entering or exiting with large equipment a breeze. Our buildings are clear-span and can easily accommodate conveyor belts. They can even be designed to support hanging equipment or catwalks.

Our buildings are simply to modify. Removing walls, or adding on extensions takes a fraction of the time and cost when compared to structures built using traditional materials. Not only that, but since our buildings can be quickly disassembled, they can be easily relocated if you ever decide to move.

Fast ROI and Reduced Cost

Unlike conventional building methods, like wood framing, Tridome’s tension fabric and free-span steel buildings can be built incredibly fast. The result is that our clients save money on labor costs, and begin profiting from their investment sooner.

Tridome buildings are also engineered to exceed safety codes and withstand natural disasters. As a result, our clients often receive significantly lower insurance costs.


Climate Controlled and Ventilated

Tridome Buildings are completely climate controlled, shielding your property from moisture, keeping your property at a regulated temperature all year round. Alternative claddings can also be used for added insulation. Tridome also provides cold-storage options for the bulk storage of food and pharmaceutical goods. While remaining completely air-tight, Tridome’s buildings offer unparalleled ventilation. The result of this sum is a building that is significantly more energy efficient than alternatives.

Durable and Corrosion-Resistant

Unlike buildings that use wood, our steel-framed buildings will never mold or attract pests. Tridome buildings are also completely corrosion resistant. In fact, every inch of steel used in our buildings is hot-dipped galvanized. Our fabric-tension buildings also use non-corrosive fabric. A Tridome building will last generations, and save your company money and time in the process.

Our values

  1. Our attention to detail, dedication to quality and commitment to safety helps you sleep sound knowing your employees, family or property are protected.
  2. We provide unparalleled customer service before, during and after your project is complete.
  3. We see customers as collaborators. We’re deeply committed to building a custom structure you’ll always love.
  4. We keep our promises. From the first meeting to 15 years after your building is done, we hold ourselves accountable to your satisfaction. 

Why Tension Fabric and Free-Span Steel Structures?

Last Longer

Steel structures are significantly more durable than wood. Steel won’t shrink, warp, mould or split. Steel structures better withstand forces of nature than wood-framed structures.

Lower insurance Cost

Steel structures aren’t flammable. Tension fabric can be flame-retardant. Wood structures on the other hand are highly flammable.

BEtter for the Planet

Steel structures are 25 percent recycled and are 100 percent recyclable. Sustainably speaking, wood isn’t so good. Not only does wood emit volatile organic compounds that are bad for the environment, but wood is not recyclable. Wood products are also among the top 4 drivers of deforestation.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Steel structures don’t rot, mold or attract insects. Our hot-galvanization process means our steel will never corrode. Due to mold, insects or other damage, the maintenance cost of wood framing tends to be significantly higher

Lower operational Cost

Fabric cladded structures are translucent, letting light flood throughout the open space. The savings on power can be huge over the lifetime of the building. Not only that, but sunlight has overwhelmingly positive effects on health and productivity. And that goes for both humans and animals.