Steel Building Constructions

Design, construction and renovations— all under one roof.

Everything you need to build and maintain a custom building.
A simpler solution for companies and homeowners.


There is nothing worse than having to hire multiple companies to bring a project to life. Logistically, it is a nightmare. Discrepancies in professional standards can mean budgets and schedules become bloated. Splintered communication can result in unexpected outcomes.

Tridome Structures is an end-to-end solution handling everything from design to installation to maintenance. Operating this way is one of the main reasons we maintain such a high standard of quality and customer service. It’s why we consistently create better buildings and happier clients.

Design & Build

Our construction packages include a site-specific review, custom design, third-party engineering and installation.

  • Our design team works with clients to put their vision on paper, creating schematic designs, renderings and floor plans. Our buildings are designed to withstand natural disasters and meet or exceed local code.
  • Our engineering partners then create construction drawings, and provide the structural engineering stamp needed for a permit. We’ll guide you through the permitting process every step of the way.
  • Then we handle construction from start to finish. Tridome’s experienced, certified and reliable construction teams make getting your custom building a simple and stress-free process. In fact, our service is so efficient that it often results in shorter schedules and reduced project costs.

Standard Buildings

Tridome Structures offers standardized building designs for both residential and commercial projects. We’ll work with you to ensure that the building you choose, perfectly matches your needs.

Custom Commercial Buildings

Tridome Structures designs and builds custom free-span steel buildings and tension fabric structures for a variety of industrial applications. Not sure which one is right for you?

Custom Residential Buildings

Tridome Structures designs single-family homes, multi-family homes and garages for residential buyers.

Great solutions for any industry

What else can we do for you?

Upgrade, Expand and repair

Tridome Structures helps clients revitalize, maintain and add value to existing buildings. We understand that buildings are a significant investment and we’ll protect yours by giving it the standard of service it deserves.

Free-Span Steel Buildings

  • Was your building damaged by a storm, human error, the passage of time or improper maintenance?

Tridome Structures can repair trim, posts, windows, walls and doors.

  • Think your building is too far gone? 

Tridome can offer top-to-bottom renovations on structures that other companies might suggest you replace entirely.

  • Are you looking to make cosmetic or functional upgrades to your building?

Tridome Structures can install insulation, gutters, trim, windows, skylights, industrial doors and even add a porch.

  • Are you looking to expand your building to accommodate employees, family, equipment or tenants?

Tridome Structures can easily remove walls, install walls or add on an extension.

Relocating Your Building

While our buildings are specifically designed and built to last generations, our structures can be easily deconstructed and relocated. Since our buildings are constructed using steel framing, they can be quickly disassembled by our team of specialists. We’ll then move your building to its new home, ensuring that your investment stays with you.

Tension Fabric Structures

Tridome Structures is committed to helping you extend the life of your building.  While fabric covers should last for 20 years under normal conditions, eventually weather and the sun’s rays will wear down the material. Tridome can quickly recover and reskin your structure to ensure that your assets stay protected. We also repair damaged trusses.

In caustic environments or in spaces that house animals or people, ventilation is particularly important. HVAC systems, climate control and ventilation can be added to any Fabric Building to ensure the safety, comfort and productivity of your staff or agricultural animals.

In caustic environments, Tridome Structures can also add fabric liners as an extra safeguard against corrosion. 

Tridome Structures also provides modifications and expansions of existing structures:

  • Adding doors
  • Adding or removing sidewalls
  • Adding or removing end walls
  • Expanding your building

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