Beautiful family homes that will last generations – and make your neighbors jealous.



When building a home that will shelter your family for decades to come, you need a home that is comfortable, keeps our family protected and makes you feel proud when you rise every morning. You need design flexibility to suit your unique lifestyle. You need a home that can be built fast, so that you can start enjoying it, and don’t waste money on bloated labor costs. 

Tridome Structures builds steel structures that are perfect for single and multi-family homes. Tridome offers bespoke design that is completely customizable. By using steel, we build homes significantly faster than traditional construction methods. Our quality materials, and superior engineering offer a durability that will keep your family safe and smiling for generations to come. 

Superior Customization & Expansion

A home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Tridome Structures ensures that you’ll never stop loving where you live. Our buildings can be built to meet your exact lifestyle specifications. From open floor plans, energy-efficient design, stunning entryways, big windows and more, Tridome Structures can accommodate virtually anything you can imagine.

Worried about outgrowing your home?
By using steel, Tridome homes are easily expandable, meaning they can grow with your family. Our easily modifiable walls make it simple to expand your home in the future, to accommodate changing needs. We can make specialized additions for home offices, workshops or even additional dwellings for tenants.

Safe & Reduced Cost

Since steel framed buildings can be assembled in a fraction of the time of traditional buildings, with significantly smaller crews, a Tridome home can be much more cost effective when it comes to labor.

Unlike traditional buildings, Tridome’s free-span steel structures are not flammable, which reduces insurance costs and helps keep your family safe.

Long-Lasting & Low-Maintenance

The houses built by Tridome Structures are mold-resistant, and pest-resistant meaning you won’t have to worry about unwelcome surprises. Unlike traditional structures, steel structures will never rot or attract insects, saving you both maintenance time and costs.

Worried about rust? Our hot-dipped galvanized steel methodology ensures that your home will never corrode. Our warranty guarantees it. When it comes to strength, steel frames can’t be beat and are better able to withstand severe weather than traditional building materials.


Energy Efficient & Sustainable

Tridome Structures buildings are climate-controlled, which means that your energy-efficient home can be air-conditioned or heated without breaking the bank. Our moisture-resistant design helps maintain a stable internal room temperature no matter what is going on outside.

Our structures are fabricated with 25 percent reused materials and are 100 percent recyclable, minimizing your environmental footprint.

Rapid Construction

Life is too short to wait another day to live in your dream home. Our homes can be easily assembled on-site, dramatically reducing the time between the start of the build and your move-in day. Tridome understands that time is precious, and unlike other companies, we work with you to ensure that work is completed in a timely fashion.

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