Sport and Recreation steel building structures

Beautiful sports and recreation buildings that last generations – not seasons


Sports centers require versatility within spacious and safe venues. Tridome Structures are the ideal solution for both seasonal and permanent sporting facilities accommodating everything from large field sports like football and soccer to training facilities. Tridome Structures creates tension fabric and free span steel buildings that offer a well-ventilated atmosphere free of interference from support pillars and beams.

Superior Ventilation & Climate Control

Proper ventilation is important for both athlete performance and audience comfort. Tridome buildings ensure a comfortable space for those who need to perform on the field and those who come to enjoy the game by offering superior ventilation to create the ideal sports environment.


Our buildings are completely climate controlled creating a more energy-efficient, moisture-controlled facility that can be air conditioned or heated. Our buildings offer superior daylighting, creating an uplifting environment that is protected from the elements. 

Rapid Installation

Tridome Structures are built to last, but can also accommodate seasonal sports. Our reliable structures can be rapidly constructed and deconstructed to meet your needs. This means that our buildings can be easily relocated and can even be installed in remote locations where traditional building methods might not. Wherever you are, our buildings can have you on the field in time to open the season.


Versatile & Spacious

Our free span buildings offer spacious interiors to accommodate large playing fields that are free of interference from supporting beams or posts. Not only does this benefit athletes, but it also allows owners to maximize audience capacity. Tridome’s buildings are engineered to be customizable and can use a variety of foundations and support a variety of wall-mounted equipment for a versatile recreation center.

With easily modifiable walls Tridome buildings can be easily expanded to accommodate training facilities, locker and equipment storage. Whatever your needs, Tridome buildings have you covered.

Employee Safety & Reduced Costs

Both our free-span steel structure and tension fabric buildings support life safety and fire suppression systems ensuring a safe environment for athletes and audiences. Our buildings help keep attendees so safe that our clients often receive reduced insurance costs.

Durable and Corrosion Resistant

The steel we use to create all of our buildings is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to prevent corrosion. Our buildings also use open web trusses that won’t ever bend or buckle.

Our tension fabric buildings use flame retardant fabric keeping all athletes and attendees safe.


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