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Tridome Structures designs and constructs tension fabric and free-span steel structures.
Our custom structures are built to withstand the test of time.

TRIDOME STRUCTUREs IS YOUR best Reliable Solution


Salt and Sand Storage
Cold Storage


Complex Design Projects
Off-grid Construction
Vacation Homes

Sport & Recreations

Riding, Aircraft, BMX Skateboarding Facilities
Paintball Courses


Agricultural Equipment Storage
Livestock Housing
Hay and Feed Storage

Why Tension Fabric and Free-Span Steel Structures?

Last Longer

Steel structures are significantly more durable than wood. Steel won’t shrink, warp, mould or split. Steel structures better withstand forces of nature than wood-framed structures.

Lower insurance Cost

Steel structures aren’t flammable. Tension fabric can be flame-retardant. Wood structures on the other hand are highly flammable.

BEtter for the Planet

Steel structures are 25 percent recycled and are 100 percent recyclable. Sustainably speaking, wood isn’t so good. Not only does wood emit volatile organic compounds that are bad for the environment, but wood is not recyclable. Wood products are also among the top 4 drivers of deforestation.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Steel structures don’t rot, mold or attract insects. Our hot-galvanization process means our steel will never corrode. Due to mold, insects or other damage, the maintenance cost of wood framing tends to be significantly higher

Lower operational Cost

Fabric cladded structures are translucent, letting light flood throughout the open space. The savings on power can be huge over the lifetime of the building. Not only that, but sunlight has overwhelmingly positive effects on health and productivity. And that goes for both humans and animals.

Why chose tridome Structures

built in weeks, not months or years

You shouldn’t have the time or money to wait months or years for your custom building to be ready. Tridome builds tension fabric and steel structures in a matter of weeks. This means customers save money on labor costs, and receive a faster return on their investment

Structures built with integrity

You shouldn’t need to deal with the stresses or expenses of building certification.

Tridome Structures are built to CSA-A660 certification standards. This means the quality and strength of our materials and processes are certified by an independent agency. Which gives you peace of mind and saves you the long and expensive process of getting your building certified.

Every inch of steel used in Tridome Structures is hot-dip galvanized or epoxy coated to prevent corrosion for 75 years or more. Unlike alternatives, our open web truss designs ensure that our structures are lightweight and open while providing the strength and longevity of proven engineering.

With Tridome, your custom structure will be standing strong, and confidently carrying loads for more than a lifetime.

buildings that can grow with you

When investing in a custom building, you need to think of the future. You don’t want to outgrow the space and have to deal with difficult renovations. Or worse– building something new entirely. 

This isn’t an issue with Tridome Structures. Our custom buildings can be easily modified and expanded to give you more space for your growing business or growing family. 

Why is tridome structures the right choice?

Tridome Structures Alternatives
Project Timeline
Months or years
15 years and a simple claims process
10 years and complex claims process that puts the burden on the customer
Open web trusses that won't ever bend
Hot-galvanized steel inside and out to completely prevent corrosion
Bent web trusses that can buckle from the inside
Steel that is only galvanized on the outside
Fully customizable to your style and needs
Templated buildings with limited customizability


Great buildings look and function the same way on day one as they do on day 5000. 

Tridome has our customers back over a decade after construction ends.

Our 15-year warranty covers all of our tension fabrics and steel buildings, to ensure that your investment will last a lifetime. 

Unlike other companies, we don’t make you jump through hoops to make a claim.  Simply send a photo and we’ll handle it hassle-free. 


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